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Always passionate about fabrics and all its applications whether in artistic fields or those of fashion, it is only natural that at the age of 25 I began to be interested with emotion in patchwork .

Student of Nadine Rogeret at first, I very quickly satisfied my growing passion by taking lessons at Patchworks du Rouvray in Paris. And curiosity taking me to the fairs of the needle in celebration, to Sainte Marie aux Mines or to England to follow courses there, I got acquainted with textile art and all its variations and met artists that I love.

Embroidery, antique fabrics, quilts, fabric applications have become a kind of language for me.

I am a young retiree and recently, I joined the Dordogne, a region of history, culture and art of living. This pretty corner of France and my house are perfect for my project, which is to bring together artists and their admirers under one roof.


The idea was born: to organize textile art workshops in residence.


Some information about where I live. It is a 17th century or even 16th century manor house because some books speak of a small fortress in Limagnes from 1530. The place is quiet and the garden very romantic with its water moats.

I have a large workshop and a few rooms where trainees and artists can stay. This place aims to be a place of welcome and conviviality - the rooms are shared and most often the beds are double. Come with your girlfriends ... I can find a gîte very close to where I live if you want a single room (additional cost to be expected). I welcome you the day before the course for a dinner where we will get to know each other.

The 2022 program is magical ....

Take note of my proposals, the artists who will come to the Manoir aux Ecureuils are already delighted to come and spend this moment with us.

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