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Mandy Pattullo Internship

I trained as a designer and teacher of surface and textile models and now work in a studio in a converted rectory in the Northumberland countryside. I lead  textile workshops  To  The Hearth  and all over the UK and I create  from  works for sale and display.
I cherish old and worn textiles, reshaping vintage textiles into new collages embellished with dots and appliqués. I recycle and reuse very old and often disintegrated materials that have been passed on or thrown away. I particularly like cutting and disassembling utilitarian quilts and quilts made by women in the domestic setting. I consciously relate to the culture of savings and "make and repair" of the past as well as the traditions and techniques of popular art. My collages, large wall quilts and clothing bring together precious fragments to form evocative compositions. The viewer is forced to re-examine fabrics that have become defective through wear and tear, to find a new beauty in them.
I wrote two books on my techniques, " Textile Collage " (2016) and " Textiles Transformed " (2020).

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