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First of all, I would like to thank you for your curiosity, encouragement and interest in our activity.
I would also like to express my immense gratitude to the great artists who have given me their complete trust by accepting my invitation to come and practice their art at the manor. In 2022, the first two workshops in our history were organised, we got to know each other and I remember the great joy I had in sharing magical moments with you.

2023 will be a full year where four major workshops are planned, I look forward to meeting you again and reliving these rare and suspended moments.

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Always passionate about fabrics and all its applications whether in artistic fields or those of fashion, it is only natural that at the age of 25 I began to be interested with emotion in patchwork .

Student of Nadine Rogeret at first, I very quickly satisfied my growing passion by taking lessons at Patchworks du Rouvray in Paris. And curiosity taking me to the fairs of the needle in celebration, to Sainte Marie aux Mines or to England to follow courses there, I got acquainted with textile art and all its variations and met artists that I love.

Embroidery, antique fabrics, quilts, fabric applications have become a kind of language for me.

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